Blockchain Developing & Education Ecosystem


Blockchain Developing & Education Ecosystem

With blockchain we can develope the future of the world. Help change things for the better by combining technology and economy. Fully decentralized built on the premise of providing anonymity, speed, fair mining and reliability..


Cryptocurrency is not just about investing, as the industry grows the demand for new talent with an understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency.


The CryptoSudo is blockchain education ecosystem, to help people understand what cryptocurrency is, learn about the technology behind it.

Developer Community

Developer Community

We believe the developer is the critical value-generator for innovation in the digital economy and it is our mission to help developers get their job done. And make this technology more understandable and create an effective community that will contribute to its development.


Blockchain Technology

The term “Blockchain Technology” is often swapped with “distributed ledger technology.” A blockchain’s database isn’t held in a single location, which could be infiltrated or controlled by a single party, but rather it is hosted by numerous computers all at once..

Education Ecosystem

Education Ecosystem

We have already seen the power of technology-enabled collaboration within education, and how it helps to improve developing and learning. Our Ecosystem is the centralized developing and learning platform for the technologies of the future, powered by SUDO.

The whole crypto community is lacking quality education, an aspect that is being overlooked by many within the industry, but also by the mass market. CryptoSudo EcoSystem will offer short and simple video tutorials, informative articles, a detailed cryptocurrency glossary and daily news updates on what is going on within the industry from all around the world.

Coin Specifications

X16s Asic Resistant & Reliable Cryptocurrency


AlgorithmX16S PoW with Masternodes

Block Time180 seconds

Masternode Confirmation15 Blocks

Total Supply300.000.000 SUDO

Masternode Collateral50.000 SUDO

Governance - PoW - Masternode5% - 35% - 60%

Premined5% of Total Supply

SUDO is a fully decentralized cryptocurrency built on the premise of providing anonymity, speed, fair mining, by being ASIC-resistant and reliability by the usage of Masternodes.


Our Available Wallets

A wallet is a software program where SUDOs are stored. To be technically accurate, SUDOs are not stored anywhere; there is a private key (secret number) for every SUDO address that is saved in the SUDO wallet of the person who owns the balance. SUDO wallets facilitate sending and receiving SUDOs and gives ownership of the SUDO balance to the user.

Linux Wallet

For another Linux versions, please visit our releases page on Github.

Linux | x86 + x64

MacOS Wallet

Mac OS X10.6 Snow Leopard is the last release that a 32-bit version.

10.12 Sierra+ | 64 bit

Windows Wallet

For another Windows versions, please visit our releases page on Github.

Windows x64 | 64 bit








Our Release & Developement Schedule

  • October

    CryptoSudo Blockchain Start

    Website Launch

    Launch Block Explorer

    Linux | MacOS | Windows Wallets

  • November

    Finalize Whitepaper

    Start Airdrop & Bounty

    Team Expansion | Hire Base Members

  • April

    Launch SUDO Exchange

  • June

    Team Expansion | Developer Experts for Tutorials

    Sudo Campus | Tutorial and Developement Platform

  • July - September

    Team Expansion | Hire Mobile Developers

    Launch Mobile Wallets

  • October - December

    Team Expansion | Hire Backend Developers

    Stability And Security Enhancements

    We will began to adapt our exchange to blockchain.

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